The Great Gray Funk (Album 2023)

The Great Gray Funk

Dark Prog Rock

In days of dreaminess, the thirst sometimes calls for grip. Music that doesn’t only caress the soul, but gives electric shocks via the speakers. StoneFree, who just put out the Kobudai debut before, have the right sound for fans of Dark and compelling sounds like Ghost with hunting forces like Grim Justice.

Now the debut of The Great Gray Funk, short TGGF comes with an eye-catching artwork by John Kücükcay in shades of grey, displaying a little figure in loneliness. Available on translucent smoke vinyl limited to 100 pieces, the realese show will take place as Roadtrip To Outta Space at Arena Dreiraum together with the label mates Vampyres

Well-structured in itself, the record starts directly and heavy like Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, Chickenfoot or Scar The Martyr. Just lovable, as it makes looking forward for the following from the beginning and the head spinning. Cool rhythms let us meet Sergio Leone in the West like Rob Zombie or Relit in „Vacuum Thoughts“, and the great interaction of drums and guitar is mentionable, making think of Godsmack or Seether.

The strong riffing bursts with „Eritis Sicut Deus“, before the (Thrash) Metal intro of „Faceless“ opens worlds like Evanescence falling to Doom edges like Sinistro. This Progressive mixture continues with electronic 80s Sci-Fi feeling spheres and acoustic reliefs before the „Narrator“ even brings in Indie vibes like Sum 41, Jimmy Eat World or Junipa Gold paired with Flamenco in the back of the solo and a general Earthset haunting crazyness. 

Keeping the tension until the end, it gets a little bit more quiet again. But the voices rise, to give a final opportunity to unleash one’s inner bonds and set thoughts and energy free. From Indie hights to Doom Metal shallows, The Great Gray Funk’s firstling lifts your mind over matter