Call Me Out (Single 2023)

Vintage Paradise

Classic Hard n’ Heavy

Friday, release day for Ruhmer, Gra3t of GAS and a story of faith: In fairytales and ancient believes, three headed monsters exist. In history of popular culture, many four-headed formations shaped their musical environment: The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Queen or Kiss, the list goes on. Alex, Daniel, Arthur and Wolfgang are out to represent Salzburg in Progressive Rock and Classic Metal. 

Together, they are Vintage Paradise, paying tribute to the ancient Gods of Rock’n’Roll. Since „Kill My Soul“, they put another single out named „Howl“ with a cover reminding of Airbourne. In their latest one „Call Me Out“, they thematize the lifestyle that comes along with the very genre, like Ozzy and Lemmy sang about it in their iconic „Hellraiser“. 

VP don’t take any prisoners with their sound that is based on Classic Rock, with thundering ambitions like Vibratör. The guitars surge ahead so another comparison with Iron Maiden is inevitable. It is the ruthless riffing, that unites them with likes of Saxon, Dio, Judas Priest, Rainbow, Deep Purple or Grim Justice

For the singing part of the verse, it slows down, like hitting the breaks of a motorcycle. In the pre-chorus, the vocals end whispering like e.g. Robb Flynn of Machine Head does it, before the sing-along chorus, as the band promises it. And as it should be for a decent Hard Rock song, a middle part plus solo is not missing either. 

To promote the song, Andreas Maxones together with Theresa Schlag shot a video at the rehearsal of Vintage Paradise. Next to huge amps, a backdrop displays the band’s logo, a V entwined by a snake forming the P similar to artworks like Dr. Knoche’s Viper Room design or the Metal4Africa Summerfest shirt

The four heads create the Vintage Paradise next to The Vintage Cinema Club. A place of pure guitar sounds, big stories and heavy dark visual art – Salzburg be aware.