Screams Shatter The Silence Drenched In Red

Rolo Tomassi, Holy Fawn, Heriot

Arena Wien – Große Halle, Austria 20230210

It is an eventful Friday. Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons unleash the lion with their first live album. In Flames present the successor of „I, The Mask“ entitled „Forgone“, soundtrack of the following graphic novel „The Jester’s Curse“. And if it was not enough, Linkin Park dig out the song „Lost“ from the „Meteora“ archives.

In Vienna, the air is cold and dry and the Q- and Helio Tower stand tall behind the venerable Arena. The two shows of the evening were switched, so the Boston Takeover featuring Slapshot and Death Before Dishonor moved to the small hall, while the Mathcore Noise Metal Post Rock action enlightens the crowd at the big one.

An Industrial intro welcomes Heriot, who will open for Lamb Of God and will be part of the Damnation Festival with Ahab, Rotten Sound, Downfall Of Gaia and more. They start brutally right away with wild screams and an amazing energy. This invites the first bunch of visitors already to take some space for a pit. With the diversified yet round songs, they leave nothing to be desired.

Holy Fawn from Arizona after show themselves honored, to be able to visit places they never thought they will see. It gets a lot calmer as they slow the pace and limit the screams to a minimum. But with their voices and instruments, the build great atmospheric surphaces, that remind of ISIS or Kairon;IRSE. As the guitar strap of friendly frontman Evan Phelps tears and the tape won’t fix it, it is quickly replaced.

Headliner of the tour are Rolo Tomassi, who are amazed, that the last time, they played at Chelsea in front of „50-60 people“, and this time they would not have fit into the small hall. They are kind of the mix of the two bands before: a lot of atmosphere and melody but also the wild brutality, that gets the people moving again. It’s been a wonderful lesson in beauty of heavy music again.