Heavy Breath-taking Beauty

Rolo Tomassi, Palm Reader, Cryptodira

Presented by Mind Over Matter, Chelsea Wien, Austria 20180328


How great is that, when you stumble across a record cover you think is cool. Aware that it’s basically just some marketing you’re falling into, you check the sound. That is totally cool too, and suddenly you realize that the band is going to play your town. Attending the show reveals that the whole tour package is amazing.

Starting with Cryptodira from NY. They rush into their set, although the audience seems bit sleepy at the beginning, but getting better. That one string breaks during the first song is mean, but they handle it well and get support from the second act. Best thing is that they wear shirts of e.g. King Crimson and play awesome licks that could be from a 70s Progressive band like also Emerson Lake & Palmer.

The guys from Palm Reader got eye-catching shirts too, like the one of the Black Peaks. Like them, the Readers come from the UK and now higher the level of aggression. With a grim look in the face, the words are nagged down from the little stage. For a Hardcore band like this, the space is nearly too small, but they cope with it. The powerful show of this band with the sonorous name for sure will stay in mind.

Then the headliner hits the stage for the first time ever in Vienna. Named after a character in L.A. Confidential and with a flag of the AC Rolo on an amplifier, Rolo Tomassi start their gig with the first songs of “Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It”. Just within those few ones they change from beautiful Post Rock à la Esben And The Witch or Streak And The Raven to heavy Math-Jazzcore like The Dillinger Escape Plan. The group members seem as different as the parts of the songs, and anyway they simply just take your breath away!