Built on Concretes of Rock and Metal

Kvelertak, Sibiir

European Spring Tour 2018, Conrad Sohm Dornbirn, Austria 20180401


It is Easter, for many the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. For some others it is time to celebrate music. In Vorarlberg not only local heroes Squared Timber and The Flight Of Apollo unleash their records, but also on Easter Sunday the Conrad Sohm hosts two heavy formations from Norway.

From the support of the evening you get very dark riffs on your ears. Sibiir label their music Blackened Hardcore. Right at the beginning fans who saw them at Stuttgart welcome them. To motivate the audience, singer Jimmy jumps from the stage and dances within the crowd. A wonderful start and a live action that can be admired at DasBACH on Thursday again. That is just the place that hosted Nag one year ago, who Sibiir remind of.

Speaking of Nag, guitarist Maciek of main act Kvelertak wears a shirt of this awesome band, as they have been touring together recently. The genius mix of basic (Punk-)Rock sound with metal screaming is amazing. That comes down within the audience, as from the second song “Bruane Brenn” the mosh pit just keeps growing. The setlist includes tunes from all three LPs of which two of the covers were designed by John Baizley (Baroness). Also the owl on the head of singer Erlend at the beginning must not be missing, who “barely can stand in the light” and still delivers a great show. As a lover of Classic Rock like Alice Cooper as well as Black Metal like Enslaved, this group is the thing.

At the time Kvelertak are supporting Metallica at the big halls in Europe, but for sure this experience is way more intense. Even though it is a pity that the Sohm hosts another event directly after, so there is not even time left to enjoy one more beer to calm down there…