Striking Down and Seeping Through Veins


European Spring Tour 2018 presented by Roadtrip To Outta Space, Arena Wien – Kleine Halle, Austria 20180326


Sometimes out of no particular reason, it can take years to find a special vinyl or catch a band live. But then, finally, the time is right. Everything falls into place, and the sound hits you like thunder and the performance strikes you down like lighting.

Meant in a positive way of course, as we are talking about the mighty Ufomammut. They have been around for let’s say a while already. Coming from the south, you can find their traces way up north in Oslo, as well as they are remembered very well at places like the Graf Hugo Feldkirch. In Vienna, they are presented by the amazing series Roadtrip To Outta Space.

They are touring with their latest record “8”. The deep and heavy sound fills the room at the Arena. It directly affects the whole body, makes the heartthrob as the notes seep through the veins. On a screen at the back, visuals show dark clouds. The forest. Hands looking for a way through. A hole in a wall. A person capped with a black scarf. Restrained and not obtrusive. In contrast to the wide opened eyes of singer Urlo.

As his companions he performs very powerful. Drummer Vita even steps in front of his kit to clink glasses with the audience. Inspired by Drone Doom-Kings Sunn O))) guitarist Poia wears a Shirt labelled “Funn O)))” and seems to have real fun on stage. One highlight in heaviness is “Wombdemonium”, reminding of some deep hypnotic guitar work of Black Sabbath or Electric Wizard.

For sure Ufomammut show, that together with Caronte, Black Rainbows and Prehistoric Pigs they form the spearhead of the Italian Stoner Doom Metal scene and that they are an inspiration also for artists like Dr. Knoche who made the awesome gig poster for the night. Only pity that support act Prototyper had to cancel…