Double fun with known faces

Ruhmer, Pure Chlorine

Cherryland Albumrelease Show at B72 Wien, Austria 20230923

While the STP Metalweekend goes into its second round, Dame, Void Creation are out and actually Ahab was supposed to play at Escape, töchtersöhne and fm4 present a special albumrelease evening at B72

For this occasion, Pure Chlorine are here to open the evening, like Amelie Tobien and At Pavillon at STWST Linz one day before. The great voice and raw songs fantastically fits in the venue – like a fist on the eye. For one of those strong Indie Pop songs „EGO“, Constantin of Glazed Curtains joins on stage. Like the upcoming next singer did during their gig at Waves Festival

After a single collection and EPs, „Cherryland“ is the first LP by Ruhmer, who celebrates his birthday this very evening too. In May, he played a single release- and pre-order party at Superbude. Finally it is out and he performs songs like „Down by the Landfill“ with Jay Choma, who will do a DJ set later on like Acid&Oehl and Soul Caravan. 

Ghosts“ Ruhmer dedicates to sound engineer Thomas Postmann. After „B&W“, he tells that he imagines Japan to be „Cherryland“. He sections his work into different phases like France, Cowboy and Rock, while „To The Wild“ is a mix of the last two, followed by „Letter To: 1%“ and „Lunchtime“, when everyone squats. 

The first accoustic encore „Universe“ this night sounds especially wonderful, like the amazing „Home“ written in a stone cottage, where Ruhmer imagined the moment when he gets on stage. In „Kill Me Now“, he performs his signature kick, before the final wild „Penlove“. 

He then is even served a birthday cake, as he himself, his band and the audience all smile happily. Because the good mood is garantueed at a Ruhmer show, like the danceable rhythms and brass action. And the party continues with the DJ line featuring songs from Beyoncé, Eminem, Black Eyed Peas, Pink, Kendrick Lamar and more.