Busy Week’s Ultimatum

Yunger, Sodl

Keep Walking Tour at Tschocherl Wien, Austria 20230921

Close to the Meiselmarkt in the 15th district of Vienna, the Tschocherl is situated. Known for hosting comedians like Clemens Maria Schreiner or Nina Hartmann one day before, the cosy small basement living room reminds of similar venues like Tunnel or Kellertheater Nordbahn

The friendly staff is wearing shirts with their names on it. Elton John is coming from the speakers, while Okto TV as well as Berni Ullrich prepare to capture the show. Christian Jeschko instructs the audience that they can take pictures for social media, but when a phone rings, he will pick it up and moan into it. 

As the rules are clear, Sodl opens the evening, who jumped in spontaneously for Notebooks. She just returned from Sweden where she played in Lund. After introducing her guitar, she starts with „Rosemary“. Usually she is accompanied a violine and a band. But also the newer „have you seen a lake in vienna?“ and „Mama“ are touching live as the final distorted „Ocean“. Her diverse voice make them even more special, and at the end, she tells if you are not well, you should find someone to talk to. 

For Yunger, this evening marks the start of his „Keep Walking“-Tour. After his last one took him to Saumarkt and Switzerland and recent shows with Stellaccord, he is heading to Olodvorek in Olomouc the day right after. „Never Ending Holiday“ and „Keep Walking“ are early highlights, as he tells about his decision to stop his law studies. 

With „Come Over“, he presents the new single that will be out on October 6th, like his 2020 one „Cold Cold Heart“ and „Another Evening Spent At Home“. He even gathers his courage and plays Tom Waits’Ol’ 55“ on the piano. Shortly before the end, he can’t help laughing because of his family, that is in the audience as well and with „Bus Ride“, he says goodbye with a beautiful classic from his first album