The Shredder God and his Men

Saint Vitus, Mos Generator

European Tour 2017 Part 2, Viper Room Vienna, Austria 20171009


Two years have passed, since one of the biggest legends of Doom Metal played the capital. Two years can be a long time. Lucky thing Dave, Scott, Mark and Henry are back.

Before they hit the stage, they got a very special support act with them. And it is not the first time, the guys from Mos Generator open for them. The fervor, this band is performing with, is outstanding. No matter if you take Tony Reed on vocals and guitar playing amazing solos and whose style remembers of Zakk Wylde and the tattoos of for example Black Sabbath and King Crimson show the direction. Or Scooter Haslipp, whose bass lines fill up the heavy riffs, so there is just all the time a lot going on. And Shawn Johnson, who is tormenting his drums with furious anger, what will be seen again by Henry. Highlights? Everything. And Lonely One Kenobi.

As teased before, the tension is kept up. Seeing a band like Saint Vitus, just knowing that they are coming already is thrilling. And then here they go. Ordinary guys on the one, musical heroes on the other hand. Scott Reagers carries a coffee cup with an unknown liquid. Dave Chandlers needs crutches to get on stage. He might look a little bit tired in the beginning. But he stands there like a rock, and life comes back more and more with every song. Interacting with the crowd, joking, the four of them obviously enjoy themselves. For the self-titled track, a small mosh pit opens and the people scream with Scott. Especially the elderly audience shows itself word-perfect and frolic with the young ones.

The big voice, the brutal drumming, a constantly headbanging Mark on the bass and the evil look of Dave the Shredder-God Chandler, this concert simply was fantastic!