Unlikely and Mighty

Satyricon, Suicidal Angels, Fight The Fight

Deep Calleth Upon Europe Tour 2017, ((szene)) Wien, Austria 20171011


Black Metal maybe is the most special kind of Metal ever invented. Fans are more critical than in other subgenres, and so this headliner is one of the biggest bands on the one hand, but too commercial for many pure fans on the other.

That also comes down with their support acts. Fight The Fight from Norway are the crazy Metalcore combo, that parties on stage first. It is their energy and their groove, which brings the audience on their side quickly. No wonder that all the critics by the big Metal magazines are constantly positive, and they just recently signed at Metal Blade Records US and Blacklight Media.

Another band gaining positive feedback over and over is Suicidal Angels. The Thrashers from Greece simply deliver a perfect show with everything that the genre needs. Fast riffs, solos, the whipping screams, all of it is there. And also the motivation. Due to the pure Thrash, a little moshpit opens up, and even a wall of death works at the front. Sadly a guy obviously gets upset because of this action. Still don’t get the people attending a metal show, standing in the front and complaining about a little bit of pogo.

After the Modern Metal and the classic sound, finally Satyricon hit the stage, while Ennio Morricone’s Hateful Eight soundtrack is played. Compared to other representatives of the genre, their sound is clearer, and they flirt with other musical styles too. But that makes their music even more epic. The audience sings with the new songs like the title track “Deep Calleth Upon Deep” as well as with the unbelievable mighty “K.I.N.G.”. The friendly appearance of the group makes the people party in a way that is also not very likely for a Black Metal show. But it is an absolutely amazing live experience for sure.