Swedish Heavy Rock Invasion

Graveyard, Troubled Horse

Flex Wien, Austria 20171004


Not many nations got a comprehensive selection of great bands like this Scandinavian country Sweden. Not only that they are huge in Death Metal, also when it comes to for example Classic Hard Rock, nowadays Retro Rock, you find great representatives there.

The concert evening, that has been moved from the Ottakringer Brauerei to the Flex starts with the amazing Troubled Horse from Örebro, the hometown of for example Truckfighters and Witchcraft, in which three of them used to and one still plays. These guys have been there for years already, supporting for example Orchid. And the excitement, they put on the people, is awesome. The riffs, the moves, the screams, everything like it should be. Vocalist Martin makes fun about his own smell, and as he throws some water to the audience, one guy thinks it is a good idea to throw a cup. That never was and never will be ok. But this band will always stay in mind as a great live experience. Everytime again.

The main act that night is Graveyard from Gothenburg where bands like In Flames, Dark Tranquillity and Avatar reign. The band gained big success with their second record “Hisingen Blues” in 2011, that is a concept to everyone. No wonder they went to tour with the legends from Motörhead. Now they go on playing their sound in the manner they always did. As starter they serve their “Slow Motion Countdown” from the record “Lights Out”. And from there on they bring romantic, bluesy and rocking feelings to the people. Taking them to wonderful places, but always with the little bitter craving that comes along in life now and then. Presented with the perfect playing and the remarkable singing, this is just a huge piece of Rock’n’Roll, that is always worth a listen too.