Trapped in Intensity


Summer Of The She Goat Tour, DasBACH, Vienna, Austria 20170725


One of the best things when living in a city like Vienna is, that there are always concerts going on. And on a normal Tuesday you have to make a decision between some Punk show in one part of the town, or when checking other dates you stumble over another gig at DasBACH by a mysterious band called Dool.

Not that you have not been there just two weeks before, but with so many great formations playing, it is not easy to keep the overview. When you check the band Dool, who they are and especially what they play, immediately you get blown away. For sure you have to see them live. And so the decision is clear, DasBACH it is going to be. And what started as spontaneous listen will turn out as one of the best Heavy Rock shows.

Because it is a solo gig, the band starts shortly after half past nine in front of a well-filled location. And from the very first note on, their music fills the heart with joy. “Something’s stirring underneath the industrial fumes of Rotterdam.” This is how their press text starts. But this wall of sound is way bigger, built from the material that could even beat Dark Occult Rock leaders Ghost. The songs from the debut “Here Now, There Then” are everything they need to be: Massive, catchy and from an atmosphere and intensity, of which one cannot escape.

Presented with this huge sound and especially the big voice of singer Ryanne van Dorst, the sound pierces marrow and bone. The band shows itself happy to see some fans again from the last time they played Vienna. And this great music for sure totally is worth to attend and enjoy live every time again.