Three Examples Of Greater Good

Raze Your Gods, Totenlegion, Kardroz

Salzburger Metal Night presented by Hellblast Promotion and RockEnergy4You, MARK Salzburg, Austria 20211030

Oktober is coming to its end but still has some concert opportunities to offer. One leads us to northern Salzburg, more precise Sam, to the fabulous MARK. Throughout the years, various acts played there, like Lando, Stalem, Amongst The Deceit or Harakiri for the sky.

This time, Hellblast Promotion and RockEnergy4You present the ‚Salzburger Metal Night‘ with three fantastic headbangers. Kardroz are the ones who open. Hailing from Upper Austria, they deliver blasting rough Deathgrind. Their songs consist of parts, in which all subgenres can be found, from Doom and Sludge like Crowbar, Black Metal like Satyricon, Grindcore like General Surgery to even a little Nu Metal like Machine Head. Coming to „Satan“ from their latest EP „Exaltation I Degradation“ they joke about the title being very inventive. 

With Totenlegion, the whole hall gets even darker. Their stage presence is well designed with banners, a skull, a gas mask and corpse paint. Their Melodic Black Metal songs have titles like „Mondstille“, „Trümmerfeld“ or „Eiseskälte“ and remind of e.g. Bloodbath. Playing in three-four time, they ask their audience if they can waltz. The Melodic part of their music results in riffs that could be found in completely different genres like Skate Punk or Indie. But in their version, those riffs get brutal and let the hair fly.

Final headlining part of this night’s trinity are Raze Your Gods. Their Deathmetalcore is simply made to get the people moving. Again, their stage presence is sophisticated. This underlines, that bands in Metal don’t do things by halves, as all examples of this night have an exact vision. And this is what makes a concert like this something special and the neck musculature working, as RYG do rip the MARK off. And so, after these three great Metal sets, the after-show-party can be celebrated for example at the Alchimiste Belge or the Bricks.