Bombastic Premiere At The Local

Gina Holzmann Band, Benjamin Urwalek

Local Wien, Austria 20211031

The streets of the city are lively this Halloween as most locations have special offers and parties. For example the Escape would feel like an appropriate place or at Times would be a party as well. But our way leads us to Spittelau in Döbling to a special concert at the Local.

As support, The Cycling Shrimp was supposed to play. Due to illness, Benjamin Urwalek took his place. His music is based on the Ukulele, wonderful and thoughtful lyrics and solos sounding like a trumpet he does with his mouth. All his songs he has created in the last three or four months, some even just few days and weeks ago, he tells. But even though it is just his second gig, he also handles technical problems bravely. As he partly plays completely unplugged, the audience listens quietly and carefully. When he was in his empty flat before moving, he wrote the song „Alles anders“, and his debut album will be named „Fortbewegung“.

The main act of the evening is Gina Holzmann and her band. In the beginning, she already took the time to welcome her guests. After being part of Rammelhof and Out Of Nothing, this is her solo project. First, they let an intro play, followed by the bombastic Rock song „Schloflos“. The tracks vary a lot, from strong Groove to ballads, making think of Classic Rock from Aerosmith but modern and, because of the language, of Falco, Flut or Paul Plut. Having the guitar of Andy Baum at the wall, the Local just feels like the perfect place for this first show. The melody in „Erdn“ even reminds of Ennio Morricone like the trumpet sound from Benjamin before. MCHg from mehrYEAH performs the rap part of Essi Alleauf in „Gib mir dei Haund“ and after the show, DJ Rocklizard brings in the tunes. But before, Gina sings „Be Yourself“ as final encore alone. Her great own songs are fulminant live with this band at her side featuring members of Excuse Me Moses and Epsilon. The next chance to see her live will be soon at Aera.

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