Drone Bells On The Field (Album 2023)


Electric Blues Noise

Drone is a minimalistic ambient genre, influenced by likes of Brian Eno (Roxy Music) and taken further by e.g. Sunn O))). Taking it to the countryside and naming his new record „Drone Bells On The Field“, musician Marcin Kaczmarek imagines ‚a lone cowboy performer playing his tunes somewhere in the middle of the prairie.‘

The record he published under the name SAM (like the leading actor of „Blackthorn“) evolved from experiments with his loop station. His origin is Opole in Poland, a city at the Oder with the Penny Bridge leading to the Pasieka Island, where the National Festival of Polish Song takes place. Like Ben Blutzukker, Prinz Grizzley, Lady’Stealer, Great Red Silence or Bon Jovi, he implemented the Wild West in his DIY music, displayed on the cover already. It shows him with a hat in canvas optic and with typical high typography. 

All four song titles talk about the ‚Open Range‘. „Sunset“ starts noisy, leading to the slow chords, still accompanied by little sounds like ‚Guitar DriverKarl Ritter or Mose. It feels like the last rays of sunshine tickle the skin, making the time stand still like Stoner Doom but with sliding and fingerstyle character. 

This brings up other solo artists from other genres like Henrik Huber, while the drone, softly plugged melodies, sliding and noises take further „To The Field“. Apart from the plains, cozy cottages like in „The Hateful Eight“ come to one’s mind, where this guitar work could fit as well. 

A fire is crackling, as drums come in from the far hills and the spirit of Nazareth arises in „There Is Nothing Over The Horizon“. Finally „It’s Getting Dark“ with a last Industrial transition, string harmonics, soft drums and voices from the prairie. Walter Hill could use an atmosphere like this, like Arctic Sounds, Psychedelic like Pink Floyd, creaking like the chair of ‚Sweet Dave‘, where we sit down to listen again..