Shallow Is The Water (EP 2021)

Dohny Jep

Rock / Pop / Alternative

Like Britpop, there seem to be other genres, which musicians in the UK craft in their very own style. In some ways, the Alternative Rock has its impact, and this band combines it with a little bit of Post Hardcore and pieces of Rap Metal and Pop Punk.

After the debut album “L.U.S.T.” featuring “Dreamer”, “Fictions” and “Normal Reality” and the recent EP “Smile, It Might Never Happen” featuring “Looking In”, Dohny Jep already come up with their next EP “Shallow Is The Water”. And like before, Memphia takes care of the promotion like for Flight Of Eden, Come At The King, Novatines, Yard Arms and Nowhere To Be Found.

Even though it is not the leading single, the opener “Run” is the one to cast a spell upon you immediately. Synth sounds and heavy guitars with Rap-like parts invite to bang your head. The power makes think of Linkin ParkLive in Texas” and the massive rhythm and arrangement of Crazy TownsBorn To Raise Hell” from their third record.

Some Britpop you might hear in “Big World”. The beginning reminds a bit of “Yellow”, somehow Oasis, and later on of Punk acts like Green Day. Again, it’s especially the rhythm section and guitar sound, which are most fun. And the title itself brings “Ordinary World” to one’s mind.

The actual leading single is song number three “Fade”. Some crazy sounds remind of Raketkanon in the beginning. Anyway there are many details in it. Still it is trendy but noticeably handmade. And the huge headbanger part later is balsam for the heavy heart again.

In the final “Shattered”, it gets a little bit spacey and relaxed too for some time at least, even reminding of e.g. Árstíðir. But of course the volume comes back again. This EP is a strong listen for fans of countrymen like Black Peaks and Young Guns, but also Highly Suspect or Splush, not shying away from Fatboy Slim.