Under The Light Of Mountains (Album 2022)


Atmospheric Black Metal

Especially in deep v-shaped valleys, people know how it is when the mountains take the light. But also the summits can bundle it and reflect it back to certain spots. And anyway, the mighty peaks emit a mystic fascination, like the album title „Under The Light Of Mountains“. 

Extreme Metal as form of expression can channel multiple values. Cave Dweller Productions (Nothing Is Real, Lord Alfred, Psionic Madness) and Super Sargasso proudly present Saqraruna, processing their origins from Peru. Other acts like Havária, Ritual Day, Testament and maybe most common Sepultura dealt with their roots as well. Now we are taken to the land of the Nazca Lines, Lake Titicaca and Machu Picchu.

Their traditions, Saqraruna express with the usage of pre-Hispanic instruments on this second full-length after „Obscure and Malignant Rituals“ and the two EPs “An Altar to the Nameless Entity” and “Ayar’s Betrayal“. Before the beautifully fine Black Metal sound bursts the scene apart, choral singing and nature noises open the gates to the range. The second song as well starts with a voice sample, sounding like on a street similar to RawFoil’s attempts.

What makes the seven songs special is the sophisticated melodic composition. „Bethink Of The Vulture Bloodshed“ for example is midtempo in general like HFTS, yet the kick drum is triggered extremely fast, with a particular gleam of Death like Dark Age. This melodic sweetness is in „Flight Of A Black Serpent“ as well, which was released priorly and makes think Chaos Over Cosmos, while the screams echoe from the cliffs.

Continuing the constant corrosion, erosion and disclosure through elements musically, Saqraruna even find some peace in a quiet piano part like „Mephistopheles“. This high class joy of listening relaxes and lightens up hearts with the force of illuminated heights. Just like genre representatives like Bathory, Summoning, Fen, Oranssi Pazuzu, Owl Cave, WITTR or Ayyur.