Underground Narcissus for a Single Digit

Napalm Death

Global Live Stream From London, The Underworld Camden, UK 20220318

It’s a music Friday from the picture book. New releases come from Saqraruna, Churchpenny Allstars, HFAR and Fiesta Forever. The Dreadfest in Salzburg got postponed, but Corner Live is happening like the Rola show at B72 and the Ripplefest in Nantes featuring Tremor Ama. And from London, Hotel Radio stream the heavy Grind, available everywhere, no matter where you are from.

Right underneath The World’s End, the big Pub serving music from e.g. Satyricon and reminding of the movie of the same name near the Camden market, The Underworld is located. And as the „Campaign For Musical Destruction Tour 2022“ in Europe with Doom and Siberian Meat Grinder got rescheduled for 2023, Napalm Death let their fans, like Jim Carrey is one of them, be part of this show online.

Like Necrophobic or Death Angel, they designed exclusive shirts for the show. As support, 10 Plagues and Damim heat up the club. Punctually and fulminant, ND start their set. The stage-divers are up immediately and the multiple cameras capture beautiful pictures. „Proper fucking crowd that“, someone writes in the comments, and that is just true. 

The band members wear shirts of Heresy, Celtic Frost and Pig Destroyer. Before „Contagion“, Barney states that nobody is illegal and refugees are welcome. „Can’t wait to be in a crowd like that losing my shizzle“, another one tells in the chat. „Invigorating Clutch“, „Cesspits“, „Scum“ and „I Abstain“ are the following highlights. „Continuing War on Stupidity“ is not against a selective war but all of them and against weapon production, Barney points out, making a solution look easy.

The Kill“, „Suffer The Children“ pleading for women’s rights, the two covers of the Bad Brains and Dead Kennedys and the obligatory „You Suffer“ and „Siege of Power“ emboss the second half of the twenty-four songs set. As said in „What Drives Us“, streams like that make one want to be there. But at the same time it is wonderful to see those happy faces.