Echoes (Single 2022)

Red Sun Atacama

Fuzzhead Heavy Stoner Rock Trio

On the very day, Austrian heavy outfit Great Rift releases their new video from their second album „Utopia“ via StoneFree, about 1500 kilometers away, a Parisian trio surprisingly reveals their herald for full-length number two „Darwin“ after „Licancabur“ and the demo „Part I“.

Out via Mrs Red Sound and Shake Promotion (Mars Red Sky, Baron Crâne, Witchfinder), Red Sun Atacama launch „Echoes“ via The Obelisk. Their name looks like the combination of the Western movie “Red Sun” with national cinema hero Alain Delon and the popular desert Atacama in South America. Similar to likes of Birds of Nazca or Peruvian Saqraruna, they appear to find their inspiration in the incredible natural phenomenons of the continent.

A cow is heard first, before the song speeds in. Everything seems to be turning like with „Sheela“, with piercing singing and a blasting straight refrain. The bass is chasing to the transition with the cowbell. The pace is from the spirits of Ewïg Frost, Asomvel, Ozymandias, Probot and Red Fang. All of the sudden, there is almost a full break, of course, just to bring in the velocity again with solos from the string section and bongos.

As a three piece like The Great Machine or Praÿ, Red Sun Atacama has put everything into „Echoes“, a great Fu Manchu-style Fuzz Rock song needs. For the music video, they use making of / behind the scenes material from The Apiary Recording Studio with Amaury Sauvé. This rehearsal / recording situation, bands like WhoCares, Mad Act, Metallica, BSC, Rob Zombie or Mother’s Cake used for videos too. It gives the viewer interesting impressions of the setting, planning and living. 

We see the recording plan next to the Duvel, the group cooking, band shirts from e.g. ASG, an Achille Talon comic and rabbits. All to an overdrive power song to move, dance, mosh and party.