Rock in the Dark and Glory in Death

Paradise Lost, Pallbearer, Sinistro

Presented by Mind Over Matter, SiMMCity Wien, Austria 20171016


Metal concerts often are in dark dirty basements, but Vienna also got one venue, that feels more like a gym and therefore is funny for these kind of events: the SiMMCity.

Even Black Metaller like Dark Funeral played this hall, and this time it is a special line up, starting with the wonderful Sinistro from Portugal. The group manages to give one shivers from the beginning to the end. They start with a calm intro, that gets clashed by a musical explosion, so you nearly drop your beer. It’s a rolling thunder, accompanied by the chant and screams of Patricia Andrade, that promises nothing good. With her special way to move, she appears a bit an art figure. Just at some point they also play some conciliatory sounds.

More conciliatory but of course still heavy as can be is the next act. It is quite common, that support bands are no disappointment. But that the second band blows you away once more, that is really something special. It is Pallbearer, who play their involving Doom Metal. The catchy riffs get a hold of the listener, the dual guitar parts are the bonus you get, as well as the multi-voice singing.

After these two fantastic bands, it is time for the headliners: Paradise Lost. They start with “From The Gallows” from their latest record “Medusa”. “Glory in death”, singer Nick Holmes (also Bloodbath) grunts. As a special selection, they play the wonderful “Erased” from 2002, Gothic Metal at its finest. The audience celebrates the heavy Death Doom as well as the Dark Rock songs. That the SiMMCity might be written with two “M’s” because of some legal issues with the game “SimCity” is something the friendly singer likes to talk about and amuses the people that later will leave happy because of this great concert evening.