A Prime Example Of Rock

Seether, LTNT, Sons Of Texas

Poison The Parish Tour, Arena Wien, Austria 20171003


Now I’m reliving my whole damn life and it’s a shame that I can’t remember.” The words of the song “Same Damn Life” won’t leave the head the whole day, even though it is unlikely the band will play the song live in concert.

But after all that will not matter. When arriving at the Arena for the first support band, the hall is already pretty much filled. The Sons Of Texas just shared the stage at ((szene)) Wien with SOiL in November. They play their heavy southern groove metal with unbelievable energy. At some point they remind of their countrymen from Kentucky Black Stone Cherry, at some other of Pantera. The small details like playing blindfolded with the bandana or blowing water up the air and the crisp sound make it even more worth seeing.

The following show of LTNT gets the tempo a bit down, but just a little. Therefore, their sound feels more grown up and serious, not intending to devalue their predecessors. It is just the kind of music they play, a mixture of stoner, psychedelic and grunge, always the riffs in the foreground. For the grunge part, they even wear some kind of dresses, that remind of Kurt Cobain at Reading. Also for the heavy feeling, the singing matches the riffing, like Ozzy Osbourne likes to do it.

And then the mighty Seether hit the stage. For the tour, they got Sevendust-Six-Stringer Clint Lowery with them. The songs from the new album “Poison The Parish” integrate themselves seamless between the older tracks. Especially “Stoke The Fire” rocks as opener. In the following, “Truth”, “Country Song” and “Word As Weapons” are highlights from the former records, before “Broken” could make one even cry. The final “Remedy” still is a prime example of a rock song, as the evening was of a rock concert.