The Decision – Overcome Everything

Matt Boroff, Paul Plut

Gasometer Megaplexx Vienna, Austria 20170928


Sometimes great things happen unexpectedly. When you already repine, what concert you want to see, because you already have two options. And then a friend comes up with a third one, where he wants to go. What do you do?

One thing is for sure, that joining this friend was a great decision. A concert experience that was totally worth going there, and that probably won’t be seen that soon like this again.

Let’s start with the support act. In the Hollywood Megaplex 4ds, a cinema at Gasometer, one man has built up a laptop in his guitar case, a microphone, and a chain hanging from his guitar neck. A beat like in Johnny Cashs “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” coming from the laptop, sustaining the sound of the strings. With a deep, urgent, nearly whispering voice, Paul Plut (also Viech) recalls his dark stories “from dancing and dying”. And the audience listens intently. The chain scratches on the wood with the rhythm and when Paul screams, it gives you goose bumps.

The nice acoustic of the cinema is paying off. But the reason for the location is Matt Boroff’s CINEstesia. Between thin white lines, the three musicians of Matt Boroff & The Mirrors are standing. Sometimes you see them, sometimes the live visuals by Austin Settle projected on the threads hide them. It is a performance with several layers, the music, the performance, and the projection containing graphic, news, music videos and movies. Talking about mass media, it seems like a critic, even though at the same time the whole installation could be overtaxing itself. But well it is not, it is an amazing concept.

In this setting, the songs feel big. Matt tells about that he sometimes feels like every molecule screams hate and how he gets over it. Feels like the show is to overcome everything.