The Lions On Tour Taking Over

Shattered Lions, Fading Synergy, Nautilus, Born As Lions

Hope Reborn Tour presented by Fistcrew Bookings, DasBACH Wien, Austria 20180522


Hardcore Tuesday the second. This time lions are taking over DasBACH, making the love for Hardcore just bigger.

First band Born As Lions gets joined by members of the other acts, making them a supergroup. From the first amazing song, the concert’s a blast. Including jokes about being called “Nautilions”, telling to not listen to the FPÖ, also the merch speaks a clear language: A longsleeve in newspaper design with the headline “Useless prick calls himself president”, showing a picture of Trump. Additionally to his alterable voice, singer Henny all of the sudden throws the microphone to Mark (Shattered Lions) in the audience – great surprising move!

But not to forget that the guys from Nautilus needed to learn the songs just within a day. Singer Tilman builds up the mic in the middle and there we go. The band with the nice even though unfortunately not unique name nail it live. Guestsingers come in heaps. Surely they were a perfect support for Skywalker too. And their merch with the face with the upside down cross reminds of Migre Le Tigre, plus people can get their EP “Echoes” for free. With Fading Synergy the local support is next. It takes courage to tell to be the harder band than the others this night. But the Alternative Rock with a pinch of Metal from this special guest is not to be despised. The songs underlie a nice structure and the musical performance is impeccable.

Therefore the band receives the praise of Shattered Lions. It is the first time in Vienna for this formation from Frankfurt, Germany. From the Metal blasts back to more Hardcore like their newest tune “Crossroads”. Again the action is in front of the stage too. Unfortunately the set is quite short and therefore an encore would have been nice. But the evening in general was another great live experience.