United To Party

The Siknotes, Money Left To Burn, Favorite Sons

Welcome To The Party Pal! Euro Tour 2018, Kramladen Wien, Austria 20180529


Another one of these days, Vienna’s live music scene got more to offer than you could attend. Roadtrip To Outta Space presents The Devil & The Almighty Blues, Ben Caplan plays at Porgy & Bess and Strobl celebrates their release at DasBACH, while we go to the Kramladen to see some Punk Rock.

Local support comes from the Favorite Sons. An excellent punk coverband. They start the party with Lagwagon’s “May 16”, followed by “Fuck Authority” of Pennywise and more classics from Anti-Flag, Green Day, Wizo, Offspring and more. They tell that they just played at a wedding-eve party. So if you’re planning one or you’re fans of 90’s and 00’s Skate Punk era, you should definitely think about calling them. Great job.

Second group comes from Germany. Money Left To Burn is the name, that on a shirt they illustrate with pictograms. That there are twenty people maximum attending this gig doesn’t bother them, as they already played for four. Still it’s a pity as the songs from e.g. splits with The Affect Heuristic or Rebuke guarantee a great mood. The friendly fiver delivers a sweating show and thanks the host Johannes Schwanzer (Holidays Refused).

The sampler “Burn The Borders” is available at the show too featuring bands like Turbobier and Dead City Radio. On stage, The Siknotes from the UK are the headliner and final act of the evening. First thing crossing one’s eye is the Top Gun-shirt of guitarist Bubba. They then keep the Punk party going: “Let’s get wasted, everybody’s drunk!” Other bandmembers help them with singing, and finally there is something like a Mini-Circlepit going. This is Punk how we love it, great fun like we know it from for example Wonk Unit, Here For A Reason or The Exploited.