Approaches to Rock

Solar Blaze, Intra, Cadû

Chelsea Wien, Austria 20170927


One good characteristic of us humans is the curiosity. Talking about music, that means looking for new bands and be willing to discover new horizons.

That can lead to the Chelsea on a Wednesday evening. Outside and in the first room people are watching soccer, but that is not our business. Because on stage, three local bands are going to present their approach do modern rock music.

The first formation’s name is Cadû. They claim that it is their very first gig ever. But just within seconds, it is clear, that all of them must have been playing with other line-ups before: A quick research brings up names like Misthaufen, Triptonus, Fat Fingers and Mountain Howl. This charismatic group opens with an intense show. Great songs presented with heavy sound and strong voice. The calmer parts nearly let you forget, how heavy it was before, but explode right then again.

Second one is Intra. To them the name means to give themselves to the music. And they do. At first a bit cautious, but getting more comfortable with every note. The young band, which won the Austrian Newcomer Award 2016, shows a nice feeling for song writing. The tracks vary from trendy refrains to rumbling stoner riffs on to headbanger parts. A convincing mixture, which can be heard in for example “Down The Roof”. For this song, Junk X Films made a music video.

The final band of the day is Solar Blaze. A very brilliant name without no doubt. And their music feels fitting their name. They perform with a self confident rock’n’roll attitude, each of them being unique and drummer Sebastian Appenzeller reminding of Steven Adler. The slower instrumental parts are highlights, even though they are missing their second guitarist. But they play their whole record “Empathy Box” released through Panta R&E (Mother’s Cake), finishing this discovery journey.