Un Paese di musichette mentre fuori c’è la morte (LP 2020)


Post-Rock, Noise


In Northern Italy, not too far from the enclave San Marino, the cities of Cesena and Ravenna are situated. In the second one, the label with the wonderful name of an actor and a prisoner as well, Bronson, has its headquarters. Together with Purple Sage PR, they take care of a new Post Rock and Noise formation from the first town.

Solaris have played concerts with likes of Ufomammut and Sacri Monti. Now they have released their debut, that catches your attention with a beautiful black and white cover immediately. Not only King Crimson, Pink Floyd and Blue Öyster Cult managed to do so. Also more similar acts like Primitive Man or Bob Tilton.

The sound is a great mixture, like the first track “Podio”, for which an animated music video was released. The huge riff makes the head move in the very second. Alternative heroes like Helmet are the godparents, but especially the singing can make one think of Grunge like Nirvana too.

Song number two “Ezikmndrek” starts off calmly. It was published as the first single with round silos on the cover. The riffing is striking again as is the singing. “Oro” with its cymbals and the melody set bit in the background manifests the intelligent production by Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Unsane).

In this one, the album gets a more Psychedelic touch, and the memorable melody in the last part is one great highlight and pure joy of the LP. “Voce” then directly starts with the singing, another hypnotic tune with a high dynamic range and sophisticated use of sound effects.

Maledetti” is the slowly growing intro for the final “Marnero”, that lives from a pressuring feeling and mixing plus well-placed breaks and suddenly brings Kasetti 2012 act Magic Meredith to one’s mind. This debut has a lot of power, extremely strong melodies and with its fine production it is an excellent listening pleasure.