Tales From The Four Towers (EP 2020)


Thrash Metal


Italy is famous for marvelous towns, beaches, vine, coffee, Pavarotti, Bocelli, Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. Maybe not that famous is that they have amazing acts in all genres like Soviet Soviet, Red Car Burns, Prehistoric Pigs and Caronte. Also coming to Thrash Metal, they got nothing to hide.

Luckily guys like Vlad Nowajczyk of vladPRomotion brings them to the surface. RawFoil is one more he is taking care of like From Hell, Rebel Riot, Assassin and former Enclave, Pokerface and Crimson Slaughter. After “Evolution in Action”, the five-piece from Milan now returned with a new four-song-strong EP.

Looking at the great cover by Roberto Toderico and Davide Mancini (Ink-Vocation), one is directly reminded of other classic and modern acts like Gama Bomb, Nervosa or Insanity Alert. The topic of the first song is just typical Thrash too: “People Who Don’t Drink Are Not People”. A circumstance, which actually can cause confidence problems to some people.

The trust in the music is there immediately: straight Metal to bang your head, with thundering drums and fulminant shredding, that still leaves space for solos and a melodic refrain. And the wish is there to move and mosh. Without knowing Italian, the interludes are not completely understandable, but it sounds like someone orders a double coffee for his hangover.

After all, there’s not much time as the “Cult Of The Ignorance” hits in. Yet another pure banger with varying singing styles, made to run in circles. The “Braindead Diver” takes one back listening the first time to Slayer and being fascinated by the velocity, violence and chaos. For this one, the band also released a fun music video shot at the countryside.

The final “Thick Slices (As My Mother’s Like)” rumbles in with a huge bass and some Punk speed. Thanks to Hell Raisers like RawFoil all around, this scene will never die!