Lessons Of Real History

Mose, 50 Jahre Flint Festival

Stream In – Kunst hilft Kunst by Armin Weber’s Theatermobil at the Theatergarage, Austria 20200625

Several great acts are related to the Musikladen Feldkirch. Via Matto, Never Do Well, Riverwitch and Woodman partly exist since half an eternity. Also the Flint Festival took place half an eternity ago. But Armin’s Theatermobil now brings the central figures in front of the curtain.

It is the last stream before a final best of edition and after Martina Gmeinder with Ekkehard Breuss and Mirjam Steinbock, Juleah and Konrad Bönig and many more. The musical section starts first. Mose, also known as The Mose Magic Band, can be seen as an experimental band and sound tinkerers. A bow squeaks on a cymbal, a beautiful trumpet creates its atmosphere. The dynamic in their songs is high, and the voice of the Blue Monday Blues Band (featuring Tibor Naphegyi of The Burning Rosettas) fits perfectly.

The other topic tonight is the Flint, the first ever music festival in Vorarlberg, that was held exactly one time back in 1970 at the ruins of Neuburg, before it was forbidden. Organizers and protagonists talk especially about the political impact that was never intended. A flyer written on a typewriter and word-of-mouth advertising were the only channels, and every band like The Gamblers and Wanted played for free.

Walter Batruel of The Gamblers then plays some songs too. They tell that in the time, just to have long hair was a political statement already, as well as if you did read. The two main reasons, the festival was banned were the environment on the one hand, while at the same time a whole mountain was blown up, and the violation of the morals of a conservative society, that Michael Köhlmeier even compares to a dictatorship.

The funeral of the Flint was the fanfare for various changes in Moralberg: institutions like the Spielboden and the Jazzseminar were founded, who also published “50 Jahre Rock”. It was a coup that never was meant to be one. Between these important lessons, Mose provides the perfect relaxation.

Since they could’ve been seen at e.g. the Open Hair or the Saumarkt, they continuously released new material like “Verklingt”, the cover album “20 Golden Greats” including the wonderful “Take On Me” and the latest “Film Musik”. And the next is yet to come. With this amazing band and the highly crucial historical content, this stream is the perfect final of the series.