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Magic Delphin

Milde Sorte Album Release Show, B72 Wien, Austria 20180927


After the phenomenal debut record “Leben am Mars” and the great release show at the Chelsea in 2017, it is finally time for the next big shot: Magic Delphin present their second album “Milde Sorte” at the B72.

The show should have taken place at the end of May already. But instead it got cancelled, and the Delphin signed to Wohnzimmer Records, home of e.g. The Boys You Know. And after months of waiting, the day has arrived to enjoy the new Magic music. The two singles “So Suess” and “Was Menschen so machen” already showed that the recipe stayed the same: Nice lyrics and a lot of groove, what makes you looking forward to every single song.

The band enters with John Williams’Jurassic Park Theme” and opens with “Glitzergold”, “Stadt am Meer” and “Celebrate”. Then they present the new record. Benjamin Lageder now delivers a cabaret with the musical performance for free. “Does anyone feel bad? Here you have a CD. Anyone else?” He tells that “Alle Farben” is about eating seven space cookies and “Ich reise durch die Zeit” about things, a song that again reminds of David Bowie, maybe by purpose? “Was Menschen so machen” he nearly forgets to play after talking about being played on fm4 and tuning the guitar. Very nice is that the song ends with “… und schaffen Leben am Mars”. Just one details that he uses repeatedly. “There are a lot of musicians here tonight maybe we could directly review each song… I like this one.”

After the amazing new songs ending with the quiet “Schlafen gehen”, the band plays another four encores including “Nie wieder allein” and “Millionen Dollar mit Arbeit”. Benjamin the Delphin managed to create another big record, which plays with already known elements but stays fresh and therefore is exciting from the first to the last track. And we can still be happy he took the project from the studio on the stage.