Heavy Horror Fun for Hard Rock Fans

Studio 666

Foo Fighters Horror Comedy Premiere at Filmcasino Vienna, Austria 20220224

What could you do as a workaholic Rock star if you just have put out album number ten, a Bee Gees cover record, a book and another documentary after „Back And Forth“ and more? Simple. Like e.g. Snoop Dogg, you take on the fictional genre and create your own slashing horror picture.

In the two trailers for “Studio 666“, the Foo Fighters already come up with a lot of blood and incredible guests stars. Apart from „The Repentless Killology“ main actor Jason Trost, Kerry King let a Metalhead’s heart beat faster. As roadie of the Foos, he earns laughters while building up the drums. The story follows the band trying to create an epic record while frontman Dave Grohl slowly drives insane. 

So Lionel Richie reclaims his own composition, while John Carpenter! (“The Fog“, “They Live“) gets sick of working with the demonical singer. For fans, there are many more little jokes concerning Coldplay for example or details like the pistol from album cover number one hanging at a wall. 

The song, the group tries to finish while getting killed one after another, is the prosecution of a fictional band named ‚Dream Widow‘ (next to also fictional ‚Bone Structure‘). After „Probot“, when Grohl worked with likes of Cronos, Cavalera, Dean, Warrior and more, he created another Metal soundtrack, that in the movie should even last longer than his motivational piece „Play“.

Many swear words and phrases bring up other topically similar movies like „The Pick Of Destiny“. The effects are fun like in Eli Roth’sCabin FeverRob Zombie’sThe Devil’s Rejects“ or „No Man’s Land: The Rise of Reeker“. Outstanding is the acting of the band members, who practiced in a long series of music videos

The ending is a matter of taste, as it lacks a real surprise like in „The Hoarder“, but launches several twists. All together, „Studio 666“ is a movie for fans, either of the Foos or splatter films or both.