Rock’n’Roll Party with the loved ones

The Vintage Cinema Club, Somersby

Jugend- und Kulturzentrum Corner Salzburg, Austria 20220219

There are places in this world, where it just feels like coming home, even returning after a pretty long time. And it is not only, because the one hundred square meters of the Corner in Salzburg have the feeling of a cosy and colorful living room. It is mainly because of the people.

So it is a pleasure as director Alex welcomes the guests very friendly. Apart from concerts, the team of the Corner also organizes detective riddles, game tournaments and English clubs, repairs bicycles and designs T-shirts with the kids. On stage, they hosted notable bands like Lucky Strikes Back, Stefan Ebner and many more throughout the years.

Opening act of another wonderful concert evening in Itzling is Somersby. They like to play love songs, that are somehow a mixture of Folk, Country and Pop. This comes down with the rhythm and the strong instruments including an acoustic and electric guitar as well as keys and even a mouth harp and singing in two voices. That is why they remind for example of singer-songwriter Mauri Dark. And the next chance to see them live is just around the corner, as they will appear at the Local Heroes at the Rockhouse.

Since this concert was postponed from November, it is the first show for The Vintage Cinema Club since they played at the Stage Bar. They are welcome guests in Vienna as well, and kind of the ‚house and yard musicians‘ of the Corner too. They start a cappella with „Electronic Kids“. Their set includes new material like one song on Bangkok and the collaboration with RichonbeatzNeo Love – Protect Your Loved Ones“. More tracks from „Fashion“ are e.g. „Out Of Control“ and „The Beat With The Rhythm“, for which they shot the video at the fortress as they tell. Having this beautiful Rock’n’Roll party with this lovely people, it is great to know that more are in planning at the Shakespeare and Bricks.