Annie’s Little Secret / Mornin’ Sun Arises (Single 2021)

Sunhaze Reflection

Psychedelic Folk World Jazz Soul Rock Music

Where the first sunbeams hit the ground in Austria, where Musicals come to life, where the “Summer Wine” is not only a song title and the boats discover the nature, some sun worshipers have sing their hymns to the star in heaven.

The talk is of the lake Neusiedl, a steppe lake like the Balaton, Titicaca and Aral Sea. At the national park, the Seewinkel Noise Factory spread their wings like a heron, and as well does the five-piece Sunhaze Reflection. Like for Black Stone Cherry or Mos Def, the sun is an inspiration for their praises. The members combine their skills in playing guitars, the Rhodes, flute, many rhythm instruments and even sitar like New Urengoy or similar ones like Ritual Day or in Iran.

Their very first single and B-side they recorded at the Cselly Mühle, location of the C’est La Mü Festival with likes of Attwenger, My Ugly Clementine, Gospel Dating Service or solo concerts by e.g. Konstantin Wecker. “Annie’s Little Secret” they describe as chilly moody and laid back. The Rhodes is kind of the core of the arrangement, just like for The Doors, while the voice is flying above everything.

Emerson, Lake and Palmer and Sam Gopal are grandparents too, and other local acts like Triptonus or Cadû come to one’s mind. “Mornin’ Sun Arises” then literally pictures the birds flying across the water of the lake before the inner eye, as the flute welcomes the break of dawn.

The guitar work brings up Marc Perin too, and amazing relaxing bands like O Emperor, The Black Hollies or DIIV. If Sunhaze Reflection would have been at Woodstock, they’d just take their place next to Canned Heat, Richie Havens and Country Joe or be escort of the Easy Rider(s).