Drift and Drive to Override

Great Rift, Liquid Earth

Arena Mini Open Air presented by StoneFree and Roadtrip To Outta Space, Vienna, Austria 20210820

Days go by when at work, but then it’s weekend, and the Arena is awaiting with two great bands presented by StoneFree Records and Roadtrip To Outta Space.

The Sleep-shirt of bassist Lukas Jäger already tells a lot about Liquid Earth. They claim that they’ve been invented in a shipping-container, and their band picture they shot e.g. at the amphitheater in the civilian city of Carnuntum. Their sound is huge and trippy in songs from the debut and the single “Teufelsmusik” out via Electric Fire Records. During their set of about one hour, they also use a Sitar instrument like Sunhaze Reflection. And their numerous fans even dance a little choreography at a point.

After a break, Great Rift are up next. With their Psychedelic Stoner Desert Blues Rock, they have been supporting for example Black Rainbows and Monster Magnet. So far they have released their debut EP and a full-length as well, of which they play the mighty “Atlas” amongst others. In the beginning, the guitar sound is quite sharp and the voice not in balance, but this is improved quickly due to the great sound engineering work. The more quiet instrumentals provide an engrossing aura to inhale, bringing closer to the band’s “Utopia”. At the end, they even deliver a drum solo before “The Return” as the first encore.

After both awesome shows are through, The Doors can be heard from the Beisl. The after show can be enjoyed at the Club Mémoire, and on Saturday, Electric Moon will be at the very place. Plus RTOS has a lot more up its sleeves: The Vampyres, Hypnotic Floor, Ultima Radio, Intra, Parasol Caravan, Witchrider, Mothers Of The Land, Lowbau, Lucifer and Dead Lord, they are all set to play in the near future, just to name some of them.