Turning Inside Out Circling Around

Vader, Skaphos

De Profundis XXV Album Reedition Tour 2021 presented by Massive Music, Viper Room Vienna, Austria 20210817

One of the most beautiful picture in the world is, when you approach in this case the Viper Room, and in front of it there is a big tour bus standing from Massive Music. And between the bus and the entrance, there are many people dressed in black, while pedestrians sometimes assume right, that there’s a concert.

Reactions also include with disgust “Eew, they are drinking alcohol” to even changing the side of the street. What they don’t know, getting downstairs, it is the most relaxing thing, waiting for the gig while hearing some Ewïg Frost. But quite in time, Skaphos from Lyon like Praÿ enter to bring in their Blackened Death Metal. They wear corpse paint and immediately cast a spell over their audience with songs like “Bloop” and “La Tombe des Mariannes”. Bloodbath atmosphere with sprinkles of Daksinroy.

The break is filled with Motörhead favourites like “Till The End” and the realisation, that the Neuroth ear protection works really great. Undesired noises like talking are filtered, but the sound is just there. What is important for the show of Vader as well. They come from the complete other direction, from Olsztyn, Poland. The fog increases in the blue light, as the band celebrates the 25th anniversary of their record “De Profundis”. Their new once out via Nuclear Blast work as well like “Bones” or “Shock and Awe”, reminding of “Pigs Kissing Pigs”, and others of “Sledgehammer“, “Alpha & Omega” or “Double Tap”.

Vader also take time to play several encores until “The Imperial March” marks the end. Sitting outside, the people are smiling in happiness, while exchanging thoughts on what happened, what preferences they have in their genre and how wonderful this music is when it is right there. In front of you, surrounding you and getting you on the inside.