The Fog, Cowls n’ Noise

Sunn O))), Kali Malone

Shoshin (初心) Duo Autumn 2023 Europe Tour presented by Roadtrip To Outta Space, Arena Wien – Große Halle, Austria 20230919

The soft noise distortions by the ghost of Mila Cloud just seem right to prepare for this evening. Because at the big hall of Arena, a ritual is about to happen, like back in 2016, presented by Roadtrip To Outta Space

Also the set of Kali Malone (not Post Malone, who collaborated with Ozzy Osbourne), simply is the perfect opener for this show. Squieking sounds of strings hypnotize with repetitions. A kind of rhythm ivolves through the samples. Even something like a melody emerges. And then it goes back to the tuning of an orchestra, sending your ears to nirvana. 

After the break, this trance continues with the grandmasters of Drone. Sunn O))) (Southern Lord like Okkultokrati and Unsane) started in Seattle 25 years ago, formed Gravetemple between, were streamed by Boiler Room and are an experience anyway. Stacks of amp stand high like skyscrapers. The fog seems to come from every direction, crawling up the front and sides and from behind. The light makes it an impervious curtain, but cuts it at the same time. As it gets thicker, we observe the eclipse of three suns. 

Only sometimes, the guitars can be seen held high by the two protagonists. The sound makes the nose flutter, massages the calves and lets the pulse race. It especially the deep thundering and the high feedback as well like a jet is inside the hall. Like „March Ör Die“, only way slower. 

Their set spans five songs, „CandleGoat“, „Big Church“, „Black Wedding“, „Mocking Solemnity“ and „(A) Drone“. Then the hands go up a final time and the sound is capped. Sunn O))) is an indescribable elusive might of loud noise and fog like no other. Still RTOS has a lot planned with Triptonus, Eyehategod, Conan, Naxatras, The Vintage Caravan, Ufomammut, Ozymandias, Mothers Of The Land, Cadû and more.