The Doors To The Heavy Kingdom

Sunnata, Weedpecker, Ozymandias

2019: A Balkan Odyssey Tour presented by SoundWall Entertainment, Viper Room Vienna, Austria 20190227


It’s Viper Room Wednesday my dudes! After the crossover funk rap rock evening a week ago, it is getting a bit darker this time. Soundwall Entertainment take their name serious and present a blasting package. While waiting for the doors to open, a guy passes with his moped, listening to The Doors’Love Street” loudly.

The Doors amongst other things were famous for their organist Ray Manzarek, as Deep Purple for Jon Lord. The first support of the night Ozymandias got a little bit hard name to remember, but their show and sound instantly gets stuck! They play a lot with dissonances and varying rhythms that are always on point and punching hardly. Apart from the melodies in songs like “Doom I – The Daisies”, “Blasphemia” or “Jelly Beans”, the usage of an organ this their big extra, as there aren’t many others around except of formerly Raze.

After this local surprise act, the two headliner from Poland follow. First Weedpecker, who claim that they played the last time in town five years ago and in front of ten people. So they’re happy with a well-crowded Viper Room. Their music is way calmer and has a very psychedelic touch, a stoner and meaning it. A sound that makes it easy drift away in a comfortable atmosphere, and when you watch the retro-looking guys on stage it seams that that’s exactly what they are doing.

Cvlt Nation already delivered the perfect explanation for Sunnata: “This band can mix doom, grunge and dark psychedelia and push it to the next level”. A highly pressuring sound and choral singing, they somehow remind of Icelandic Sólstafir or Árstíðir but more gloomy. The unbelievable heavy bass best is heard on the tilte track of last year’s “Outlands”, while the melody of the voices stays in one’s head of “Hollow Kingdom”. At the end they play an encore from the first record, of which they just released a remastered version before they release a happy audience into the night.