Fashion (2018)

The Vintage Cinema Club

Elegant Charismatic Psychedelic Electronic Philosophic Extravagant Music


To find the right time to release an album can be a tough decision. And between hasty actions (“Bömber” according to Lemmy) and perfection (ROBB or Wintersun), this group waited till things were straight to set out. The association with the euphonious name The Vintage Cinema Club was formed around Chris Sieglhuber. With “Fashion”, their long anticipated debut reached the light of day.

Cool riffs, airy drumming and decent descants of Lucca on guitar and the voice of keyboarder Steven are main elements throughout the record. Three producers worked on the ten songs (Georg Kornexl, Paul Konarski, Reinhold Schlager), and many parts were recorded by The Helmut Bergers frontman Paul Beller. During “Dance Into The Midnight” the keys even get a little bit “Thriller”-like scary while Phil’s bass is driving. “The Beat With The Rhythm” has an elaborate music video directed by Chris Eberle. The simple structure makes it catchy and John’s intense drumming even literally made him get lost during the shooting. Just the production in this case makes the guitar sound far away and the snare kind of clapping.

19_9” got a visual version too shot at FS1, a quiet tune yet impressive, which even let the whole Café Carina fall silent already. It gets more faster again with “Transmission” with electronic keys and a beautiful outro. “Out Of Control” got a reference to “China Girl” and “Elements Of Spirit” to “California” in slow, what makes it a laid back Stadium Rock song. A cappella singing opens the title track “Fashion” “in ecstasy” while the title is whispered. “Exposé En Permanence” is the real psychedelic part of the record. “The Picture Of You” marks the end, romantic like a Hollywood love story but less corny, drifting into nearly the “Creep”-riff and closing a cappella with veering steps.

Finally Lucas Gerstgasser designed the artwork and poster (also Paul PlutViechThe Helmut Bergers). The production might be a matter of taste in some point but the well-composed songs and order show the intense work. A band full of energy and zest for action and a record full of references but still original, made to protect the charm and gracefulness of Rock’n’Roll.