Put On Your Sunglasses To Dance

Szene Openair 2021 – Day 1

Am Alten Rhein, Lustenau, Austria 20210729

After the big festivals like the Nova Rock and Frequency had to be cancelled, all of the sudden, one small one in Vorarlberg is the biggest one which takes place. The region has had many iconic festivals so far like the Open Hair, Burnout, Woodrock, LuWaWi and Soundcheck OA, and this year the Szene Openair is the last one standing.

Throughout the years, international highlights were Adam Green or In Flames, big national 3 Feet Smaller or The Sorrow and locals Fabian Squinobal or Mayhem By Candlelight. This year the lineup is diverse as well, and in a preview, sunglasses and an umbrella are recommended.

For this first day on Thursday and the sunny sound of Magdalena Grabher, who was nominated for the Sound@V, the sunglasses are more important. The newcomer Enbikey lives about 500 metres away from the festival area and might be known from the TV show Starmania. Both work with loop stations to build their songs.

The Psychedelic Rock band Juleah heats up the audience with songs from the brand new record “Stoked On Planet Summer”. Next to gab&gal drummer Christoph, special guest Felix spices up the sound on percussions, while the songs vary from dreamy to real fast.

Saltatio Mortis then brings in the middle age and fire, before the dancing Pop of Lisa Pac. The likeable group Russkaja is a welcome guest in the region and a guarantee for a raging crowd as the “Psycho Traktor” hits in. From Switzerland, Black Sea Dahu enchant their listeners before the final Parov Stelar.

So the first day of the Szene could not have been better. But the organizers hold several interesting acts for the followings days like Bada, Voodoo Jürgens, Junipa Gold, Jinjer, Leoniden, Avec, RAF Camora, Jamaram and the bands of the Jazzseminar Lustenau.