The Real Hip Hop Comes To The Pool

Main Concept, Die P, GAS

Audiobunka Night, Poolbar Festival, Altes Hallenbad Feldkirch, Austria 20210730

The poolbar Festival in the old indoor swimming pool in Feldkirch is a yearly highlight of the region. Throughout the years, Truckfighters, Monster Magnet, HIM and Yakata did the honor, plus since one year the team around Herwig Bauer hosts the Sound@V award show as well.

This Friday evening, the Audiobunka Soundsystem and Radioshow takes over the place. The two heads are MC pille One of linksabbiegA and DJ socke23, who do the presentation and freestyles with Jherip on the amazing beatbox of another guest getting on stage at the right time.

To the beats of DJ Saynomore, GAS enter the stage, walking right through the crowd. The crew drew attention with tracks like “Bin Thru” and are kind of the Vorarlberger equivalent to the Broke MCs in Vienna (who recently appeared in “Fox in a Hole”). Their brand new single “05:15” makes their pulsating audience jump as well as older ones like “$prite”. A delicious and energetic first show of the night.

Die P continues the vibes with tracks from her debut “3,14” presented by DJ TVL. She demonstrates her attitude with clear words e.g. in “Niemand kann mir sagen” or “Mach Platz”. About this first song she put online she tells that she could play it for the people for days. The most emotional moment is, when her partner Arjey Enemies thanks her for taking him to all the places.

The energy, the lyrics and the strong performances go into the final round with Main Concept. They have been around since the 90s already like Eins Zwo and worked with Blumentopf, Samy Deluxe or Spax amongst others. Tonight, they perform the collaboration with Die P “Touché” and other thoughtful songs like “Wahrheit” from the latest record “3.0” and more hits like “Flashback”. The successful closing to a successful evening.