V+ (Album 2021)



Detroit is known for example for being home for Rap-star Eminem and Axel Foley, Eddie Murphy’s character in Beverly Hills Cop. But it is also home for dark, gloomy and atmospheric Deathgaze.

That is the genre, Vazum have put themselves on their banner. Since 2017, they have released 6! albums already. The new one is entitled simply “V+”, what kind of implements, we get even more of the V, the superlative of their work so far. And actually the sound is on point, the songs sophisticated and the visual parts in harmony with the transported feelings.

Part of the dark art of Vazum obviously are the music videos like for the opening track “The Familiar”. The Goth Rock’n’Roller includes an awesome refrain and bridge part at the end. In the clip, Zach Pliska and Emily Sturm use hats and sunglasses remaining stoically, which reminds of a dark folk vision on the one and German/Austrian classics like Udo Lindenberg and Falco on the other hand.

Song number two, the “Haunted House” in the pre-chorus has something of Dool. The usage of a rocking chair in the video and the setting bring up The White Stripes and Jim Noir. A third video they produced for “Loved 2 Death”, implementing the album cover art, a bride with her heart in her hands.

The mantra-like repetition is part of the Psychedelic aspect of the band. Another highlight is “One Breath”, that convinces with its riff and great vocals. In some way the two make think of The Medea Project as well. Many possible influences are manifested in the final “Save yourselves”, from Marilyn Manson to Nirvana, plus the bass is going deep.

Vazum take us to dreary spheres, with classic sounding Deathrock with lovely dissonances and the Gothic Shoegaze appearance like Siniestra Kabaret. Their two voices give the little extra, and like this, “V+” gets this round complete work.