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KaaK – Litanies Of Pain CD Release Party w/ Dschagganath

Blasts from the Masks

Kaak, Dschagganath

Litanies Of Pain CD Release Party, Escape Wien, Austria 20171124


The Year 2017 slowly but steadily is coming to its end. But the musical year is not finished yet, so there still are some concerts left to attend, and some records to be released. For this reason, a party was announced at the legendary hall of the Escape, to celebrate the publication of a CD called “Litanies Of Pain”.

As support for the show, the young Metal combo Dschagganath enters the stage. “In the chapter four of Lucas it is written…” singer Benjamin Bäck starts the lyrics and implores to the audience so they scream and bang their heads. The band that was formed in 2014 likes to work with special texts in general. Also their musical style with dual guitars and the multiple voices Bäck uses, make them unique. Plus the use of corpse paint and guitarist Oskar Hinterreither wearing a kilt do leave an optical impression too.

From this party it comes to the official release party of the inviting band KaaK. The band, consisting of Russian speaking immigrants in Vienna, performs a perfect Industrial Metal show. From the boots to the masks, the appearance fits. The bicker of Filin accompanied by the guttural growls of Zhopa build the great singing part that with the blasts from Mix Errr and bass from Adrian are the ingredients and essence for this mayhem. For lovers of the fast Ministry material, this is what you are looking for. Unfortunately not everyone was at the Escape, so during the show some leave the room, but the rest simply enjoys the party.

Maybe some within the audience were disappointed, that Mater Monstifera sadly could not make it because of health issues. But Dschagganath and KaaK both delivered great shows, and after the live action, the party is not done, but goes on with DJ Morbid Dream.

2 thoughts on “KaaK – Litanies Of Pain CD Release Party w/ Dschagganath

  1. Dear State of Guitars Team,

    thanks a lot for such a nice comment on the performance of Dschagganath! It was really awesome to read so many positive words in your feedback.

    There is just one little mistake: the name of the guitarist that was wearing a kilt is Oskar Hinterreither. Till Steinberger was in New Zealand at that time and couldn’t perform that night.

    Thanks again for your feedback and we´re looking forward to seeing you at the next Dschagganath concert!

    Best regards,

    1. Dear Viktoria,

      thanks a lot for the correction, of course we changed it. And glad you liked it, that is always great to hear.

      Best regards,

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