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The Röad Crew, Gusch

Bierwoche, Arena Beisl Open Air, Arena Wien, Austria 20210804

It’s the wonderful time of the year, when temperature is just comfortable in the evening and at the Arena it is Bierwoche. Good beer, happy folks and eighteen bands altogether like Psycho Toaster, Brewtality, DeeCRACKS, Balu & Die Surfgrammeln, The Devil’s Rejects and Wildhunt welcome you.

Taking the public transport way this evening holds two sweet surprises. First, on Infoscreen there’s an advertisement for Juleah. And second, at the station, Sam Chalcraft would invite to stay there, listen to his guitar playing. But we travel on, as the first band is doing the soundcheck. Gusch play straight Punk with thoughtful lyrics in dialect. Serious and fun at the same time, like the love song to a bed, that scores with the rhythm changes. The shortest way to your career is to toil, and in another song one can even hear a Danzer reference in the lyrics talking about pills to get to sleep.

After this very likeable performance, it is finally time to see some Motörhead again with The Röad Crew, as unfortunately their last show was sold out. As their sound plus the voice of The Wolf and the appearance are very authentic, they are the number one choice for having the full dose of the British Rock’nRoll pioneers not only at Bierwoche. Their set includes the classics like “Iron Fist”, “No Voices In The Sky”, “Bomber” and “Born To Raise Hell” they perform with a guest singer. This night, they even pay tribute to two legends with one song as they play “Heroes”. In the final part of the show we here “Louie Louie”, “Killed By Death”, “Ace Of Spades” and “Overkill” and as final chord “Ramones” That they have to finish at ten is a pity, because for the fans, many wearing a shirt of their icon, they could have gone on forever.