Act Of Nature Beyond Control (EP 2021)

Caged Wolves

Alternative Stoner Doom

The day will probably come, when the earth finally is sick of us humans and will get rid of us, in case we haven’t done it already ourselves. Looking at the events nowadays like floods, wildfires and bursting volcanoes, maybe we are even closer than we think. At least that is what the title “Act Of Nature Beyond Control” can make one think about.

With this EP, Caged Wolves crafted something, which could be the soundtrack to the apocalypse, looking forward with joyful eyes like in “Downsizing”. After concerts at e.g. Café Carina and Arena, their self-titled debut and the Live EP “Lost In The Woid”, this definitely is their big shot so far. To celebrate this, they release it physically on tape, available via Bandcamp with an inlay with lyrics of the three songs.

Cosmic Rage” just gets you right in the second, with the start muted without bass like in a Drowning Pool Nu Metal bomb, that then explodes. The voice is distorted and the drums are tight. Monster Magnet send their regards guitar-ways. The solo is beautiful, just how it applies without being intrusive. Like one of the most outstanding in “Californication”, getting another extra push towards the end.

The second title “Chronos” from the Greek mythology, not to confuse with the mighty Cronos, marks the quieter middle part of the record. It lives from the organic sound, that distinguishes the band and the mantra-like riff and beat, inviting to drift away like with Black Metal or drive away like with Helmet. Meanwhile the sun is setting and blinding one’s eye, the nemesis is getting closer.

In the final “Through The Rainbow Valley”, scratching chords lead to a slow, mean and heavy riff like OSDOU or Tool. The bass is crumbling wonderfully under everything else. A break returns again to the riff, the arc of suspense works until the decline.

With this EP, Caged Wolves have achieved their own masterpiece, their big triumph so far. And as an extra, they packed all three songs as instrumentals on the record as well.