Dark’n’Light Death’n’Life

The Skull, Diggeth, Endonomos

Tribute to Eric Wagner / 10 Towns Of Doom presented by Deaf Forever, Heart Of Music Booking & Management and Slam Alternative Music Magazine, Viper Room Vienna, Austria 20221116

The beautiful grey of November dominates the image of Vienna. While Yunger brings some softer notes to the Club1019, few Doom fans find their way to the Viper Room. And even though they are few, they are about to experience a wonderful intimate evening. 

As a starter, Endonomos open with their brutal growls and beautifully slow riffs. They played at the very place in June, and presented their fantastic self-titled LP at the STP Metalweekend. They don’t need to address many words to the audience, they understand to bang their heads anyway.

The „three crazy Dutch“ from Diggeth are the next ones. The likable three-piece rocked with Black Label Society, visited the Hard Rock Cafe Munich before and will continue to Helldorado amonst others. They even do their announcements in German, telling that they’re happy like a little child to have a distribution for their new album „Zero Hour In Doomtown“ in Austria as well. Their love for Motörhead in the sound is obvious, and apart from new songs, they play older ones like „Worship The Sun“.

Unlike Endonomos who have lyrics like „Joy to the world, the lord is gone“, The Skull has a more positive attitude to christianity. But both can exist next to each other, and the main reason for the evening is to celebrate Eric Wagner of Trouble and The Skull and guest of Probot. The band toured with The Obsessed, would have played the Junkfest with Conan and Wheel before and features members of Saint Vitus, Sacred Dawn and C.O.C. Instead of Matt Goldsborough of Pentagram, Johnny Pretzels picks up the second guitar. 

Their devoted show includes songs like „The Endless Road Turns Dark“, „Send Judas Down“ or „The Longing“ but some Trouble ones as well like „Requiem“ and „The Tempter“. They don’t care about the little crowd but seem to enjoy this celebration of a friend, that they will continue at the Hammer Of Doom for example.