Tiger (Lyric Video 2022)


Progressive Rock, Post-Hardcore, Stoner Rock

From the home of Oriental Melodic Death luminary Ignea, Kyiv in Ukraine, comes a powerful fuzzy Prog Post HC beast. Featuring members of Pustosh and Ooze, their new single is the pioneer of the second album.

The trio VOVK has put out the LP „Lair“ and a DakhaBrakha cover before, which made them decide, to release „Tiger“ in both languages, English and Ukrainian. On the cover by Soares Artwork, the skeleton of a dinosaur and a branch with flowers form a circle. Produced at the Lizard Audio Studio, the song talks about a person ‚not committing to important deeds due to a constant fear of failure‘. 

Musically, the arrangement and especially the sound are fantastic. It starts with a suppressed riff like in Nu Metal or Prog from Sevendust, Seether, Baroness or Tool. Then it comes in beautifully heavy, with a warm tone of bass and drums, and the vocals following the notes. Going instrumental again, more bands like Oddplay, Tremor Ama and Caged Wolves pop to ones mind.

A quite classic more quiet Progressive part follows with soft vocals, until it gets more pressuring again. The bass carries the transitions, taking it back to the refrain. Raising the voice, the Post-Hardcore comes in for the first time like from God Mother, Chang Ffos, Chant de Rats or False King.

Then another calmer part invites to relax the neck muscles like Jana Draka, before the most heavy final. To have something for the eye, Nataliia Ivasiuk shot a video and Dmytro Koshyk edited it. It displays a steady image of a meadow with people showing up and disappearing, while the lyrics pass by in uppercase letters. 

„Tiger“ has everything a fan of this music could wish for: the earthy yet mighty sound and brutal parts and Psychedelic bits. And VOVK just made it in time, to promote their „Heavy Resistance“-tour together with Stoned Jesus leading from the Baltics to Poland, the Fuga in Bratislava and to Romania and Bulgaria.