Nicely Served Psychedelic Ecstasy

Twangmen, Bell Etage

Doppelkonzert at Kramladen Wien, Austria 20221119

After the first snow fell during the night before, people at the Gürtel prefer to stay inside. At Cafe Carina, MJ presents Support The Underground Vol.10 with The Desperate Mind, Swallow’s Rose and The Morphine Pilgrims, at rhiz there is the Archaic Future Sounds Releaseparty, and between the two, the Kramladen hosts a special double concert.

The rhythm of the soundcheck makes think of Juleah. Eventually Bell Etage has a certain Psychedelic touch with a lot of Indie in it. They have been around for fifteen years already as they tell, visiting places like Altes Kino, Graf Hugo, the early bird and fluc. Their set includes songs like „All Our Mothers and Fathers“ and elegant transitions of the cello for example, that unfortunately is in the back in this setup. 

At a point, they introduce the kazoo, to bring new ideas to their music and then suddenly, the first string breaks. Joking about Level 42, they can lend a Fender, and then even a second string tears. But they continue and with their warm tone, they make the cosy Kramladen even a little bit more comfortable.

Part two of the double feature is Twangmen. Praised by fm4, Eclipsed, Metalglory and Charlie of Mose and the Musikladen Feldkirch, they played e.g. at TiK earlier this year. With ‚the 2021 buzzling interstellar psychedelic prog adventure‘ in the luggage, they celebrate their ‚wild instrumental rock music‘. They even apologize for not having a singer but claim that this is on purpose as they like it that way. 

With their great melodies from the keys, guitars and the cello this time in the front, they bring up many associations like classic King Crimson, ELP and Deep Purple, Austin TV and Explosions In The Sky, Triptonus and MOTL up to the Foo Fighters. A ‚brewage‘ that is best served in a wonderful setting like this night.