A Stoner Punk Revival

Tokan, Running Fetus

Gürtel Nightwalk XX, Kramladen Vienna, Austria 20170826


The very first concert at the Kramladen in Vienna must have been great. How come we know? Because they made a revival with exactly the same line-up for this year’s Gürtel Nightwalk.

For this event, 18 venues present special acts at free entry. At the Chelsea for example, Thirsty Eyes and Reverend Backflash are performing, and at the B72, Freud and once again Onk Lou are playing. And well, at the Kramladen, the first act is Running Fetus.

Even though they tell, that they have played their last gig in November, you don’t feel that they are missing practice at any second. Alex on drums can’t stop his smiling, while Alex on the acoustic bass and Martina on keys rock their parts. Also Enrico on rhythm guitar does a great job playing the Douche Punk riffs, as they named their genre themselves, that sounds similar to The Cramps. Outstanding are Thekla and Stefano, both playing the guitar and singing. Their performance for sure will stay in mind. Raging but heaving fun obviously at the same time, songs like “Mr. Goldberg” hit your ears and stay there.

The completely crowded Kramladen then takes some time to get empty, because the people are longing for some fresh air after this hot first set. The room then gets refilled for Tokan. The three-piece might be slower, but not less intense. From Punk we drift more into some Stoner Rock now. Sometimes more abstract, sometimes harmonic like in Pop Music, the riffs are in the main focus, completed by vigorous drums. Their teenager song as they say is “Affe” – “monkey”, and the final track finishes with the words “Being someone else”. Lyrics, everyone at some point can relate to.

The lyrics are view, but thoughtful and the sound is great. This revival made the 20th Gürtel Nightwalk at Kramladen something really special.