The Soundtrack for Dark Souls

Dayum, Their Dogs Were Astronauts, False King

Prepare To Die! – Dark Souls Album Release Show, DasBACH Vienna, Austria 20170825


“Enter the glorious house of riffs.” it says on the event page. An invitation, that we like to follow, to see the release show of the album “Dark Souls” of Dayum at DasBACH.

To celebrate this joyful occasion in a reasonable manner, the band brought two more formations to the battle field in Ottakring. For the start, False King present their sound with the highest motivation, getting the singer himself into the moshpit in front of the stage. Their music is embossed by various genres, but all of the changes they have always match homogeneously. And so you got classic hardcore like Terror mixed with alternative riffs sounding like Staind. Also they position themselves against racism.

The second supporting act of the evening is called Their Dogs Are Astronauts. Awesome name, behind that stand two awesome musicians. Having a new record with them two, Denis and Leonard Roth are doing some crazy magic. A computer does the backing track, on which the two mostly play 7- and 12-stringed guitars to, as well as some keys. This Progressive Metal and Djent makes you feel like you never learnt any guitar.

Then it is time for the release show itself. Dayum use a computer for backing tracks as well, fronting it the three of them: Christian on vocals, Feanis on bass and Julius on guitar. On the wall behind them, a playthrough of the game “Dark Souls” is played. But that does not get a lot of attention, as their Death Metal performance is taking in all sences. Fast, high and deep growls, they remember of for example the mighty Nekrogoblikon or Suffocation.

“My sword is hungering” – the lyrics are well-thought-out too. This special metal knows what it wants and therefore functions very well, giving the feeling, that it is the perfect soundtrack for “Dark Souls”.


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