The Plan or Let Summer ring out

Niklas Budinsky, Cincin

Acoustic Summer, B72 Vienna, Austria 20170830


Summer is slowly ending. At the B72 it is time for the last Acoustic Summer event of the year. And what is better after work, than sit outside, have a beer or another fresh drink and then get inside and enjoy some beautiful music.

The plan sounds amazing, and this evening’s line-up is going to make it even better. While sitting outside, three obviously motivated people in a great mood kindly ask you to step inside, because they are about to start. CinCin is the name of the formation, which brings you a groovy funk basement with drums, bass and keys and a wonderful voice with it. In that way, they can remind of for example Elis Noa or Clara Yucatan. Music to dance and have fun to. Singer Sanja Govorcin also presents a solo song and songs in Serbo-Croatian, while drummer Patrick Huter is singing with her without a microphone smiling happily, and Marjan Metschina on the bass does some great lines and interesting effects.

For the second gig, a bunch of younger guys is gathering in front of the stage. They are going to celebrate their musical hero Niklas Budinsky, accompanied by Julian Auer on bass and cello and Alexander Gruber on the drums. Despite the quite young age, at least Niklas himself is doing his thing since years already. You can feel it in the way of how they perform. The voice is big, the guitar played in an awesome manner, the bass and cello make it even bigger, and the drum sticks are flying more than at a hard rock concert. Especially the first song is a catcher, but basically the whole set does not let go of the audience.

This strong show, with the strong fanbase and the strong first band made the amazing plan fulfilled in a even better, perfect way.