In Darkness We Dwell And Wallow

Ultha, Mandibula, The Goatjuring

The Inextricable Wandering Tour, Viper Room Wien, Austria 20181022


The Viper Room for sure is one of the most fitting locations when it comes to Extreme Metal in Vienna. And so the place hosts one of the best Black Metal formations of the last few years.

As support two local bands play the stage, first of them is The Goatjuring from Styria. They start with a nice dark riff, then add the double bass, and then the whole thing evolves to an abstract mixture. The structures change very strongly and the singing is a high-pitched screaming most of the time. In this kind, it is a unique feature, only e.g. Rings Of Saturn or El Camino Car Crash come somehow close. A sound one might find hard to get into but with a fun potential.

The second local act comes from Vienna directly. Since 2007 already, this institution called Mandibula brings their own vision of extreme music among the people. Their third record “Frostnacht” they released in their tenth year of existence, and the title track is one highlight of the show. Another one are the beats from the drummer. Especially the faster grooving Motörhead-like tunes got their attraction. And the likable band obviously has fun doing what they do.

Finally it is time for the Black Metal outfit from Cologne, Germany: Ultha just released their third full-length “The Inextricable Wandering” and with it another personal highlight of the year in Black Metal records next to “Arson” by Harakiri for the sky. That they only exist since 2014 is unbelievable as it feels like they have been there forever. On the first record they scored with great titles like “Death Created Time To Grow The Things It Kills”. Now they made another big shot and also convince live. And because most of their tracks are between ten and twenty minutes, one encore is satisfactory.